Parents Page

Dear Parents,

We at Blue Mountains Camp are honoured that you have entrusted us with the care of your child. We take that responsibility very seriously and have a strong desire to partner with teachers & parents in providing the best care possible for your child. Please help us do this by reading this important information provided for you on this page of our website and discussing it with your child or children.

We are excited about all the great things involved in the Blue Mountains Camp experience and we want you and your child to experience that same excitement!

We understand that being away can cause anxiety for both you and your child. Help your child succeed by being enthusiastic about their experience. So, rather than saying; “We’re going to miss you so much,” tell your child “We can’t wait to hear about your adventures when you get back!”

Telephone Policy –

Campers are not permitted to receive phone calls at camp. The only exception is a family emergency or birthday. Parents are welcome to call the teacher or camp host whenever they wish. We don’t limit this type of contact to upset anyone, but rather for very important reasons.

Firstly, most mobile phones now have Internet access and games. One of the goals of camp is to unplug and connect face to face with real friends.

Next, one of the important benefits of camp is the self-reliance and independence that children gain during this time. Telephone calls frequently defeat this goal. We will call you if there is any emergency including any health concerns.

We will also call you if we need to speak to you about any issues regarding your child at camp. Campers are not allowed to bring mobile phones or any Internet accessible electronics to camp.


Digital Photography Policy –

Another drawback of having mobile phones at camp is many of them have built-in cameras. It has happened at some camps around the country that children have secretly taken photographs of other campers or staff during changing or showering times and later uploaded those images onto the Internet. (If you belong to a fitness club, chances are it has “no mobile phone” policy).

We take photographs during our camps (parental consent forms have been sent to you via your child’s school), which are available for viewing via Smug Mug with your personal access code provided by your child’s teacher.

Please help us maintain a safe environment by explaining this to your child. You should know that any camper that takes a compromising photograph of another camper, teacher or staff member and uploads it on the Internet or makes it public in any way will be subject to dismissal from camp or may not be allowed to return. If the law is broken, the appropriate authorities will be notified.

We do allow digital cameras at camp, but know that all campers and staff are held to the aforementioned policy. Please discuss this policy with your child before sending them to camp with a digital camera.

Preparing for Camp

• Teach your child to accept his or her share of responsibility at home. Encourage good health and hygiene habits and the care of his or her personal belongings.

• Encourage practice time away from home, like a sleepover at a friends’ or family member’s house

• Discuss and process any recent stressful happenings at home or school before your child comes to camp. Unresolved negative life events may cause worry and anxiety and may influence his or her enjoyment of camp.

Don’t send or allow your child to bring items such as: Tablets, mp3 players, Mobile Phones, or other Internet accessible devices. We promise – there are enough fun things to do at camp. Plus, we don’t want campers to separate themselves from making friends. Remember, things can get lost or broken. Please do not bring things of value to camp.

Get unplugged! We can’t be responsible for those items and don’t want hurt feelings.

Obviously, items such as: knives (even pocket knives), guns, fireworks or any weapon will not be allowed at camp and bringing those items can result in a camper’s dismissal from camp.

In the event that your child requires hospitalization or emergency treatment, you will be notified. You will also be notified if your child sees a physician.

Camp Wellness: We request that you do not send your child to camp if he or she has symptoms of flu or other virus.

If a child behaves in a way that we determine to be potentially harmful to themselves or others, or engages in a behavior that could be considered unlawful, it is at the camp host & teachers’ discretion to remove and dismiss a child from camp. If that happens, a parent or guardian will be contacted to make arrangements for the child’s return home. Removal of a child from camp will be at the parent’s expense and no rebate or refund of camp costs will be given.

We hope that no child is dismissed from camp, but we will do what we believe is necessary to protect each and every child in camp from themselves or others.


We suggest that campers pack for duration of their camp.

o   Jeans, track pants and other long pants

o   T-shirts or short sleeve shirts – during warm months

o   Long sleeve shirts or Sweatshirts

o   Underwear (for the cold, thermal underwear should be used)

o   Socks (you can’t pack too many)

o   Comfortable and steady shoes (for hiking, sports, etc.)

o   An old pair of track shoes (for getting muddy) 

o   Shower sandals (these could be thongs)

o   Pyjamas or Sleepwear 

o   Hat, cap or bandana

o   Washcloth, towels (for bathing), and toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, nail clippers, sanitary supplies, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, etc.)

o   Deodorant (recommended for ages 10 & up – we’re very active!)

o   Sleeping Bag for overnight stays- WARNING: Camping in the mountains can be extremely cold

o   Pillow if you prefer your own (BMC will provide a pillow)

o   Water bottle

o   Raincoat or Poncho and a warm jacket

o   Flashlight/Torch and batteries


ALL personal items should be marked with your child’s full name… BE SURE ALL ITEMS ARE CLEARLY MARKED. Blue Mountains Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Items left at camp will be donated to a local charity. Please do not send anything valuable or delicate – campers are responsible for their personal items.

PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO BRING: (we will be forced to confiscate)

· Food, gum, candy or drink (they will attract critters to the cabin)

· Electronic devices: We won’t be responsible for them and they take away from the camp experience … We DO NOT allow any electronic devices, due to the likelihood of inappropriate content in music or video.

· Mobile Phones or Pagers

· Weapons, (including pocket/Swiss army knives)

· Large sums of money: Sending your child to camp with larges sums of money isn’t necessary as all cost have been included in their activities and would have been paid before arriving. Please note; when they are at Scenic World, Bathurst Goldfields, Echo Point Three Sisters etc., they may want to purchase a small souvenir. We suggest no more that $25.00

· Over-the-counter medications…  If a camper brings an over- the-counter medication to camp, it must be checked in with their Camp Leader/Teacher upon arrival.

Campers will be dismissed from camp and must leave the property with one of the camp leaders/ teachers or parent if found possessing any of the following: weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol or cigarettes