We offer four packages to
suit a variety of needs as
well as a ‘choose your own adventure’ package where you can customise your own
based upon time &

All Packages include:


All meals

Free time



  • Drama
  • Scenic World
  • Archery
  • Team Building
  • Obstacle Course

From $160



  • Orienteering
  • Outdoor Living & Survival
  • Archery
  • Abseiling
  • Drama with Paul
  • Team Building
  • Mt Tomah

From $230



  • Outdoor Living
  • Orienteering
  • Abseiling
  • Team Building

From $110


  • Orienteering
  • Archery
  • Obstacle Course
  • Team Building Games

From $70

Customise your adventure from the many activities below and choose the duration that suits your needs.




1. Abseiling - Approximately 2 hrs.
Led by qualified outdoor educators, campers will enjoy superb views of the Megalong and Jamison Valleys while abseiling.

2. Music & Drama Workshop - All morning & afternoon
Students will explore, improvise musical ideas and concepts from the Pacific Islands, Africa and Latin America.

3. Aboriginal History - Approximately 2 hrs.
Students get to participate in an Art workshop, understand symbols used in traditional desert paintings, and decorate a section of a didgeridoo, which is taken back to their school as a gift.

4. Archery
Trained counselors instruct campers in range safety, proper techniques and scoring. Bows and arrows of all weights and sizes are available for every sized camper and skill level.

5. Bathurst Goldfields - All morning & afternoon 
See how gold was found and mined. Identify different qualities of gold. Walk through a replica underground mine; see clothes worn in the gold rush! Visit the Geology Room to view samples and identify different qualities of gold. Step into the working Blacksmith's shop and pan for gold!

6. Ropes Course - Approximately 3 hours depending on size of your group.
One of the most popular areas in camping is a Challenge Ropes Course. With many different high and low elements, the Ropes Course will offer something for everyone.

7. Outdoor Living Skills - 1 full day and night (in tents) while implementing other activities.
Being located in the Blue Mountains, we feel that it is important to teach campers survival skills. OLS covers everything from campfire making to compass navigation and wilderness survival. Kids are given the chance to cook food using simple ingredients and of course allowed to eat it, a big draw to the activity. Abseiling is led by qualified outdoor educators from High & Wild. Abseil your choice of two different height cliffs with superb views of the Three Sisters. Outdoor Living Skills require sleeping one night in tents(unless weather conditions makes this impossible). Campers will set up their campsite(Tents) upon arrival before engaging in a very fun day of survival skills!

8. Orienteering
Form an orienteering team and use a compass to navigate your way around an open course all contained within the grounds of the conference centre.

9. Mystery Night Drama
A team building activity with resident and drama teacher Paul Innes. Campers enjoy a dramatic retelling of a Blue Mountains mystery involving the goldfields and create your own freeze frame plays before you perform for the group.

10. Scenic World (program run by Scenic World guides)
Ride the steepest incline railway in the world 415m down through the Cliffside tunnel to the ancient rainforest beneath. View the effects of coal mining on the rainforest, take the stairs to the miner's hut and draw a field sketch of the rainforest. Ride the Cableway on the 545m trip out of the amazing Jamison Valley.

11. Free Choice Time
It’s time to break away from the more structured activities and allow the students to engage in a game of Basketball, Volleyball, Netball on our outdoor court. They can enjoy a game of Ping Pong, Hand Ball, Sit inside the hall and enjoy the indoor fireplace, enjoy some age appropriate board games.

12. Rock Band Free Choice Time (cont’d)
Also available during Free Choice time, Rock Band is a great place for campers to get creative, learn multiple instruments and enjoy music with other campers. Keyboards, drums and guitars are available and after a little practice, campers may even perform around the campfire if weather permits.

All free time activities are supervised by a member of the BMC Staff and accompanied by a teacher(s) from the visiting school.